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Re-engineering biomedical science

for more ethical and human-relevant research

We are developing better tools and technologies to understand health and disease in order to reduce the suffering of all sentient beings.

Biomedical science is in need of an upgrade - the most common techniques are centuries old. Cells cultured in two-dimensions in petri dishes respond very differently than cells in the body, and animal methods are also poorly predictive of human biology due to genetic and physiological differences and are often unethical. Fortunately, our capacity to bioengineer systems that mimic human biology is growing rapidly.

We engineer perfusion bioreactor technology to recreate biological environments that mimic human biology, enabling the growth and study of tissues outside living organisms.

Tissues are intricate structures composed of different types of cells contained in a three-dimensional network of extracellular matrix. They require finely calibrated conditions in order to grow properly and mimic the complexity seen in nature (that is, to be biomimetic). Perfusion bioreactors are the most physiologically relevant bioreactor systems as they provide a flow of medium through the tissue similar to the flow of blood in our circulatory systems.

Lab grown tissues hold great potential to serve as scientific models with which we can study human biology and disease, thereby drastically reducing the need for animal research, and improving on simplistic models such as petri dishes and culture plates.

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We are building a diverse team of scientists and engineers motivated by the imperative to work together to solve the complex problems that plague humanity. We are always on the lookout for people that are passionate about improving the world. If you're interested in getting involved in or supporting our work, or want to collaborate, please get in touch.